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Google Translator 1.40 (Messenger Plus!)

Image Google Translator 1.40 (Messenger Plus!)
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    Windows 8/7/Vista/2003/XP/2000

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    December 02, 2019

  • "Automatically translates Messenger conversations"

Google Translator for Windows Live Messenger is an application to be able to translate online both what we write and what comes to us instantly.

The way to install it is very simple, since you only need to have Windows Live Messenger open and select the Google Translator file to install it, the authorization is accepted and in a few minutes we will be able to enjoy this application.

Once installed, we only have to decide which languages we will have to translate. Once everything is configured, we will only need to write the text we want to translate and press F5, the text will be automatically translated into the chosen language and we will be able to send it.

A great application if we usually speak with other people of other languages and do not master them at all.